The municipality of Cabana is the gentlest part within the most captivating area of Galicia, the Costa da Morte, in the province of A Coruña. This coast, literally called "coast of death", takes its name from the number of shipwrecks that took place there throughout history with a tragic end, as a result of the voracity of the Atlantic Ocean in conjunction with the rocky and treacherous cliffs and the Galician coast.

Cabana de Bergatiños is a balcony over the Corme e Laxe estuary, undoubtedly a haven of rest and peace that looks from afar at the rude and dreaded Costa da Morte. It is tradition: its people preserve their passion for fishing, agriculture and livestock. It is culture, with an impressive historical heritage. It is active tourism: the enjoyment of the interior and coastal landscape, a place to get lost in its solitary beaches, among which San Pedro and Rebordelo stand out. Cabana de Bergantiños is a place of contrasts where land and sea merge in harmony.


In every corner of this municipality you have the opportunity to discover its natural wealth, the varied cuisine, the hospitality of its people and an important historical legacy in which two National Heritage of Cultural Interest (Bienes de Interés Cultural) stand out: Dombate Dolmen and Castro A Cidá de Borneiro, impressive remains of the historical heritage that Cabana de Bergantiños holds.

The river Anllóns and its estuary heighten the region life, giving shape to the natural area called Enseada da Ínsua. Walking along the riverbank, at dawn or dusk, is a unique experience. Relax for the senses.




Welcome to Galicia, magical region, land of “meigas” and legends. Welcome to Cabana de Bergantiños.





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