Thursday, 28th June 


  Friday 29th June 


 Saturday 30th June


   9.00-9.10h  Welcome address  9.00-11.15h   Session V: Therapeutic approaches   


   9.10-11.00h  Session I: Epidemiological and clinical research  11.15-11.45h  Coffee break
     11.00-11.25h  Coffee break   11.45-12.00h  Concluding remarks
     11.30-11.45h  Meeting opening ceremony  12.00-12.30h  Closing ceremony
     11.45-13.45h  Session II: Update on clinical research in SCA36 and other ataxias    
     13.45-15.30h  Lunch and poster viewing    
     15.30-17.40h  Session III: Neuropathology and pathomechanisms of SCA36    
     17.40-18.00h  Coffee break    
  18.00h   Registration Desk Open  18.00-19.45h  Session IV: Cellular and animal models in SCA36 and related disorders    
  18.00-22.20h   Arrival of delegates  21.30h-24.00h  Dinner    


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